Team: Olav L. Andriesse

Olav Andriesse is an experienced and committed professional with entrepreneurial qualities. He is a critical thinker with a broad interest and practical experience. Olav offers the rare combination of an international MBA combined with high-quality experience from the (international) legal profession.

He has over 20 years of experience in the international law practice and international business. He studied at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Columbia University in New York. In addition to successfully concluding various specialization courses in the legal field (including from the renowned Grotius institute and the Association of Construction Law Lawyers (VBRA)), he has an international executive MBA (OneMBA) of the Rotterdam School of Management of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, class of 2016.

His law practice spans the full range of commercial corporate law. Within that area, Olav is highly specialized in the industry, construction and real estate sector. He assists companies in closing deals and drafting contracts. He is pragmatic and focused on maintaining the relationship between entrepreneurs. And in case of problems Olav Andriesse proves to be a creative adjudicator and as a last resolve he litigates for his clients. He also puts his experience as a lawyer to use teaching new aspiring lawyers at the Dutch Bar Association.

Besides being a lawyer, he is also legal counsel and business development officer of the biotech company Pantarhei Bioscience As general counsel and business development officer of Pantarhei Bioscience, his experience as a lawyer and his MBA training come together. He is responsible for all legal matters and for the deals Pantarhei closes with its partners and financers.

Olav is also the initiator of Expert Board, he is a member of the supervisory board of a healthcare company and a board member of the Mijn Levensbericht foundation (charity foundation for young children of terminally ill parents).

mr. Olav L. Andriesse MBA has registered the following main (and sub) jurisdictions in the Register of Jurisdictions of the Dutch Bar Association:

  • General practice
  • Real estate law

Based on this registration, he is obliged to obtain ten training points in each registered main jurisdiction in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.