Team: Joost Quant

Joost Quant started as a lawyer in 1994 at one of the big law firms. He has extensive expertise in the field of corporate law and specifically employment and employee participation law, with a particular focus on the statutory director and reorganizations.

Joost Quant also has a background in business where he worked as a corporate strategy manager and media spokesperson. As an extension of this, he specializes in media-sensitive matters and matters in which strategy and reputation is key. In this capacity, he regularly assists companies, institutions, directors and managers. The context he considers is broader than just the legal one.

Joost studied law in Leiden and the United States. He has worked in (international) business for 7 years. Since 2004 he has been working again in the legal profession in the field of employment and employee participation law. In 2006 he completed the postgraduate specialization course in Employment Law (PALA) and in 2015 the training for Mediator. Joost Quant is a member of the various specialist associations, including the Association of Employment Lawyers in The Netherlands (VAAN).

With a background in both the legal profession and international business, Joost Quant knows how legal and commercial interests can diverge. He anticipates this with a practical and direct personal approach. Clients see Joost as a skilled and sharp negotiator with strategic insight. He quickly gets to the core, whereby not only the legal analysis is leading, but also serves the clients strategy.

Joost Quant is also active as a director, supervisor and lecturer in employment law. He is chairman and trustee of the Van Bijlevelt Foundation (ANBI Status), member of the Supervisory Board of a large childcare organization, board member of a regional business club and member of the Supervisory Board of a school community in Amsterdam.

mr. Joost Quant has registered the following main (and sub) jurisdictions in the Register of Jurisdictions of the Dutch Bar Association:

  • Employment law
  • Corporate law

Based on this registration, he is obliged to obtain ten training points in each registered main jurisdiction in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.